A community of badass women who want to live a fun, high-vibe lifestyle...all while being a new mama.

When you are missing your old life, when you need someone to talk to, the Bloom Mama community is where it’s at! As a new mama, you have two options, you can lose yourself through all of the shifts and changes that the 4th trimester brings OR you can have fun with it, meet your new mama besties, and learn about yourself along the way.

We are bringing more fun into your daily life with mama groups, events/parties, and classes to help new mamas feel empowered and connected during a time that can feel isolating.

And just remember, you're not a regular mom, you're a cool mom! So come and meet your new mama BFFs!   

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At Bloom Mama, we offer a variety of classes to support you body, mind, and spirit.  Scroll down to see two of our most popular segments for FREE!

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As a certified postpartum doula and new mama coach, I work 1:1 with women during the first three months postpartum.  You do not have to do this alone.

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These (4) 30 minute yoga classes are just what you need to keep your body and mind in balance as a new mom.


"Postpartum is such a vulnerable time for a woman- physically, mentally, and emotionally- especially during that first transition into motherhood. And even though I know I'm the perfect mom for Rhett, I've never felt so insecure in a role before (decision fatigue anyone?)...Having Ashley and this group of mamas has been pivotal to making a very isolating time feel a lot less lonely. The work she is doing is so important."

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