Hey Mamas!!

Motherhood hit me by surprise. I was a former party girl and within 9 months I became a mom. My whole life transformed.

From bar hopping to diaper changing, I was left looking for some mama friends who were the none judgy, let's go-to hot yoga then take the kids to brunch type.

I needed some mamas who wanted to deepen their understanding about themselves but have fun doing it. I was left short. I felt really freaking lonely.

I heard tons of women talking about feeling the same way. So I created the Bloom Mama Community where we are here for support, fitness, and education, but also to bring fun events to moms who either need a day out and for mamas who couldn't find a babysitter but needs some adult interaction.

I realized that this is a space for moms who want to reignite their spark and keep it going throughout motherhood.